Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why do I Ride?


Every time I sign up for a new event, my mind keeps coming back to the question – why am I riding? What motivates me to do this?

{Yes, the views are incredible. From towering pines forests to Emerald Bay}

It’s rather hard to put into words what this event means to me. Biking around 100 miles around Lake Tahoe is one thing. But fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. That’s big. That makes a difference. That helps others.

I signed up for my first ride last year, high off emotion from hearing a survivor tell her inspirational story.

And here I am, a year later. A tad bit wiser. A new strategy for training. And some new fundraising ideas.

But I want you to understand why I do this. And why I will probably continue to do this. And I want you to consider taking a part in a life changing event with Team in Training.


The funds I raise as part as TNT go directly to the Society. And did you know that LLS is one of the few remaining charities that give back to the patients? I want you to consider donating towards my campaign. http://pages.teamintraining.org/ks/ambbr13/tenaciousturtle

As an idea of what your donation is supporting…

· $25 pays for a patient’s chemotherapy prescription co-pay.
· $50 will register one person to become a bone marrow donor.
· $75 provides bone marrow typing for a potential donor.
· $100 provides patient travel costs to the cancer center.
· $300 will train peer volunteers who can provide emotional & practical support to newly diagnosed patients through the First Connection Program.
· $500 provides aid to a 5 patients for ONE YEAR.
· $1000 will help the LLS fund a researcher to find a cure.


What I can’t capture in words…this video captures in story. The story of Ms. Eva Hooten, the 2011 Honored Girl of the Year. Grab some tissues and think about the difference you could make is others’ lives.

It’s a beautiful thing to make a difference.

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